Waves In The Valley

Waves In The Valley

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Waves In The Valley

Waves In The Valley

The Garage of Bass Valley . Passatge Can Polític, 13, 1B, 08907 L'Hospitalet de Llobregat, Barcelona. Mapa ikusi

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This Saturday 24th of December we have in the Garage of The Bass Valley our new party concept ''Waves In The Valley''. 

With the performance of: 

- Raul Pacheco (from Analog-A) 

- MouniQue 

- Keyblow 

- Tympanic

We open doors at 01:00 H and we have party till the 07:00 H.

After that, you will have a special discount to go to another party till the 14:00 H. 


- First release: 12€ + bf. 

- Second release: 15€ + bf. 

- Third release: 16€ + bf. 

- Door: 18€. 


01:00 H - 02:30 H - Tympanic.

02:30 H - 04:00 H - Keyblow. 

04:00 H - 05:30 H - Raúl Pacheco.

05:30 H - 07:00 H - Mounique. 

Come as you are, feel free to express yourself in our space. Be polite and respect the dancefloor. No place for sexism, homophobia, or hate. 

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Prohibida la entrada a menores de 18 años. 



Elias Ferreres

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